Monday, 29 October 2018

Selling products online

The importance of rich product data for the online store

Product Data for the Online StoreConsider the sales potential of a really efficient online store. With the market for online sales growing year on year, there has never been a better time for the retailer to take bold steps to ensure that product content displayed online is engaging and accessible to the customer.  

At the same time, any business selling products online will face the challenge of offering up to the customer reams of product data and technical specifications without cluttering the webpage and repelling the reader. To give one example, take the technical information that accompanies a laptop. This product data is essential to the prospective customer, but the laptop itself should still take centre stage.

This balancing act is a challenge that requires new technical and business processes, yet the rewards should become apparent through increased online sales.

Product data, how it works

Open Range for the Online Store

For the online retailer, Open Range (Get-the-Spec/Office Multi-Vendor E-Catalogue) provides the vital link between rich product data and an engaging online customer experience. Stock files provided by your supplier are combined with Open Range rich product data within your web store system. For the shopper online, the result is enhanced product information and a more engaging customer experience.

Media pool links are included in our Open Range directory (version 5.5 onwards). These resources, which include images and .pdfs, are accessible via http links that are unique to each user company, making them search engine friendly.

Choose how your content is displayed

Open Range software is specifically designed, using Windows 1252 Code Set, to allow you to choose how product data is displayed within your online store. This enables you to deliver individual looking web stores, making it easier for the customer to compare products and improving their experience. Unique and well defined product content can also help your website’s SEO ranking.