Thursday, 13 September 2018

The Climb of (Work) Life

Jane Howarth CEO of Open Range Ltd

Each year, a team of people from all walks of life tackle a big event and raise funds for the ‘Climb Of Life’ charity.
Having completed this many times myself, I have witnessed a great ‘spirit of togetherness’, care and consideration. Essential qualities in achieving great results.
No matter how difficult it is for each individual to undertake the ‘route’ given, the focus on the welfare of other climbers binds the team together. On the mountain, the tougher the challenge, weather, or navigation, the greater the engagement and welfare within the team. An experience which has really helped in both personal and business life.
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Open Range Ltd announces new marketing campaign!

Delighted to announce a new marketing campaign which aims to better connect manufacturers and their product data with resellers and their web stores.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Number 1 for the most 'enriched' product data in the UK

With UK government figures placing the annual value of e-commerce sales at £488 billion the value of product data is now seen as the number one area for manufacturers and resellers to invest. In a recent survey Global manufacturers cited that getting product data updated accurately and effectively downstream is almost impossible. Our product data sits in system ready database packages, and covers the IT and office sectors. It is 'the' most enriched in the UK. If you are serious about investing in product data and realising your product data's potential, follow our page for a series of insightful links

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